Colorado! We have you covered for July 1st.

New laws are going into effect in Colorado on July 1st. On the list is 70% / 30% tracking, grow tracking, and detailed labels for every patient. And between mmjvenu and mmjmenu, we have you covered.

Integrate with your clients who use mmjmenu

mmjvenu offers you a very unique and powerful feature. The ability to integrate with your clients, who use mmjmenu. You can share, pay and track invoices, place online orders, track consignments, and so much more. All in real time!

Track Every Plant in Every Grow

Our one-of-a-kind grow tracking system gives you the power to manage your every plant and every grow.

Integrate With Your Clients

Integrate with your clients who use mmjmenu. Share invoices, track consignments and accept online orders.

Sell Inventory on Consignment

Now when you leave inventory with your clients on consignment, you can track inventory levels live, in real time.

Detailed Reports

From sales reports to inventory reports, we have all the reports you need as a medical marijuana business owner.

Keeping Your Info Secure

All your data and information is transfered over a secure, bank-level, 256 bit SSL encrypted connection.